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Intense passion flows in your creative endeavors and your love life when the sun meets Pluto on January 11, and some very serious conversations about commitments come when your ruling planet Mercury meets Saturn on January Also on January 13, Jupiter clashes with Neptune, which is sure to be an over-the-top, whimsical moment in your love life—or in any partnerships, really! Just remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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A healing energy takes over when Mercury connects with Neptune on January 14, a lovely time to connect emotionally with partners. Venus connects with Mars on January 18, helping you sort out your feelings, and Mercury meets Pluto on January 18—secrets are shared! Also on January 18, the sun clashes with Uranus—watch out for abrupt endings and sudden starts!

Again, this is big for your love life, but also for your creative projects. The sun enters Aquarius on January 20, finding you busy at work and inspiring you to reflect on your wellness routine. Aquarius is an inventive and genius sign—surely you will come up with some brilliant life hacks this season.

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Venus squares Neptune on January 20, which, again, is going to be totally whimsical for your relationships! Are you?

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Should you be? January 21 brings a super moon and lunar eclipse in Leo! This will be very dramatic, but honestly, you will probably be asleep for most of it.

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This is going to be an especially psychically active eclipse for you. Secrets come to light, and deeply-buried emotions come to the surface for you to process.

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Do not overbook yourself; your schedule needs to be clear in case you need to cry or nap. Mars squares Saturn on January 21, which will find us all collectively feeling angsty about the obstacles in our way, and you, dear Virgo, will be especially frustrated in your creative work, your relationships, or around feeling valued in general.

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Welcome to my YouTube page Please take some time and look around. My readings are inspired by use of the Tarot. I connect with my spirit guides and angels. My readings are inspired by use of the Tarot. I connect with Preparing for the Solar Eclipse January 5, - December 24, to January 6, - Playlist.

But this might be a good thing… after all, Neptune and Jupiter are doing their best to keep us in rose-colored glasses, so this may be a perfect time to spot the flaws! An especially jovial mood flows at home when Venus meets Jupiter on January 22—cute! Surprises and shake-ups to your plans come as Mercury squares Uranus on January 23, and Mercury enters Aquarius on January 24, inspiring you to get more organized.

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Your chosen work must satisfy your idealism as well as your ambitions. As a maverick and nonconformist, you like Never-Failing Waters doing things in your own, inimitable way. Last edited: Jan 22, Episode Fall. However, you tend to be more outspoken and aggressive than other Pisces natives. A red jacket origin story. Your sociable, courteous nature brings balance and harmony to all your interactions.

A productive energy arises as Mars connects with Jupiter on January 25—in fact, this may even help you clear some things emotionally. The 4 quality is technical and scientific. The twelve signs forming the space where planets move will colour, so to speak, these typologies with each planet being located in its particular sign.

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What is your personal tarot reading virgo june or vision that you want to offer your prospective and returning clients. Each of lucifer's mouths holds a sinnerthe three greatest sinners of human history, all traitors to a benefactor.

But you should be able to handle the. Uranus will give the month a spicy, fun, unexpected tone, and it will be one you will enjoy.

Tarot reading virgo june 2018

In ancient china, nobody had any doubts about the existence of dragons. This does not always follow. However, if aries begins to put too many demands on fun-loving libra in other areas of the relationship, libra's fickle streak will most certainly lead to a desire to seek greener pastures. If you were born today, january