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Choose your partner's Moon sign from the form above, or scroll down to see Moon sign matches with Moon in Pisces. Read more about what it means to have . Pisces is an extremely gentle and loving sign, with a huge heart and a great deal of Pisces and Pisces compatibility can be the whole package, a tender love.

Pisces Moon can get easily misunderstand independent Aries, and Aries can easily get annoyed with clingy Pisces. This union tends to last as long as Aries Moon allows it to, and more often than not, it is Aries Moon that ends this union. Not the other way around.

Moon in Pisces // Emotional Pisces

Pisces Moon tends to linger around, waiting to receive something from Aries Moon they may not be able to give. Taurus Moon is often a rock to sensitive Pisces Moon, which aids Pisces Moon to do well in other areas of their life, such as in their career and education. Taurus Moon and Pisces Moon often have similar interests that keep the bond between them strong, such as the love of nature and music. This union can be a muse to the couple who might end up creating a home business together.

Pisces Moon enjoys that Taurus Moon takes care of the more mundane aspect of the relationship, leaving them free to wonder about the mystery of life as well as artistic pursuits. Pisces Moon with Gemini Moon is a match between two people who are at times unpredictable and mood changes can occur when you least expect it. Both can end up confused and unsure. Pisces Moon is passive and intuitive, while Gemini Moon is cerebral and verbal.

Pisces Moon can become hurt if Gemini Moon makes fun of something they feel insecure and sensitive about. Pisces Moon with Cancer Moon is a very compatible match between two people who are both very sensitive and sentimental. They share many similar traits, and their emotional needs are also similar.

Bad Traits

They are both very in tune to others feelings and needs. Both needs a peaceful environment where they can withdraw with their feelings and focus on their dreams, emotions, and thoughts. They both enjoy a stable family home. Sometimes this union becomes too dreamy, and they need to come back to planet earth to accomplish more earthly pursuits.

Pisces Moon Sign People

Music, meditations, spiritual retreats, and connecting with nature are the favorite pursuits of this couple. Pisces Moon with Leo Moon can become a very unbalanced relationship that can end up hurting the psyche of the couple. Pisces Moon might end up constantly worrying if they are good enough in this relationship, and manipulations can end up hurting this union. Pisces Moon might be too eager to please Leo Moon. There is often a strong physical attraction, however, there might be a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunications.

They both have a strong desire to be loved, but that is where the similarities end. Leo might be running the show too much and wondering why Pisces Moon has no desires of their own. Pisces Moon often gives up on their own dreams to please Leo moon only to have Leo Moon loose their respect for them. Pisces Moon can end up emotionally completely withdrawing as a way of surviving, and both parties can end up feeling very emotionally confused and disappointed.

For this union to last, this couple needs to look deeper at the other person and investing some real understanding into their relationship. Leo Moon needs to be less selfish, and Pisces Moon needs to be stronger. Virgo Moon with Pisces Moon is a match that can be either really good or really bad, depending on what both parts are focusing on. Both can be moody and pessimistic, and they need to look for the positives and they need to learn how to work together. Virgo Moon is reliable and hard working, dealing with the physical, while Pisces can be unreliable, disorganized, and dealing with the more metaphysical.

They both tend to be quite introspective.

Once they learn to work together, they can have a very harmonious and smooth life. Libra Moon with Pisces Moon is a union between two people who might at first seem very similar, but who actually are quite different.

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Both loves peace and harmony in their environment. Libra Moon enjoys equality and fairness, and seeks the middle way, while Pisces Moon often goes into the excess and extreme. Pisces Moon will give and give to no end when their compassion has been triggered by a sad story, while Libra Moon always remembers how much is given vs how much is taken. Libra Moon will not endlessly give without also receiving. Libra Moon is always seeking to balance the scale, and they can not receive endlessly either, without giving back equally.

Pisces Moon often seeks out a relationship where one is giving and the other is receiving, while Libra Moon seeks a relationship where both parts are equals. At the same time, Pisces Moon can feel overwhelmed by Libra Moons obsession with justice and balance the scales.

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Pisces Moon understands love on a deep level, while for many Libra Moon people, Love is more a concept they are learning to adjust to. Pisces Moon with Scorpio Moon is a union between two emotional people who often develop a strong psychic bond between them. Their relationship can become very intense and the only thing that really matters between these two. Scorpio Moon tends to hold on to grudges and resentments for a very long time, making it almost impossible for others to help them heal.

Scorpio Moon with Pisces Moon can be a very harmonious union if Scorpio Moon lightens up a little bit, as Pisces Moon does not enjoy the conflicts. Pisces Moon with Sagittarius Moon is a match between two dreamers, however, Pisces Moon has very thin skin. Pisces Moon can escape too much and when unhealthy can escape into drugs, alcohol, or unhealthy habits. Yet you have the capacity for a rare kind of loving, based on the unconditional acceptance of others for who they are. Sometimes you experience an exalted kind of love that will bring you an experience of true union with another.

At other times, you may need to wake up to harsh realities, seeing others for who they are, and not who you would like them to be. With the Moon here you need to be in relationship with others who respect your sensitivity. For this to happen, you must first respect it in yourself. Most often, women with the Moon in Pisces have an easier time, for women are allowed to explore and develop their sensitive sides.


For men, this placement can be more difficult. Many men are taught from an early age to repress their emotional lives, leading to patterns of fear and self-denial in later life where the attempt to shut down and deny their intuitive side. Sometimes men born with the Moon in Pisces fear their natural sensitivities. I really believe that.

More Inspiration

I love what I do. The sign of Pisces carries within it an innate urge to escape — to leave behind the mundane aspects of life. Accordingly, you may find you have the need to withdraw periodically from the demands of life, taking time to replenish your highly sensitive emotional system.

If you do not recognize when the time to withdraw has come, you may find yourself unable to cope with the demands of life. Withdrawal or escape is an important part of the Piscean experience. Whether you do this consciously or unconsciously will be entirely up to you. A conscious manifestation of this desire to escape could involve taking time to be alone, retreating from the world for contemplation, meditation, purification and renewal. Spending time by the water, or in nature, is especially soothing.

Natural environments help release the emotional and psychological influences you have absorbed from others, and process those experiences that are necessary for your growth. As Pisces is a sign of compassion, you may also experience self-renewal through acts of kindness to others, consciously offering your compassionate nature in selfless acts of service to others. The trick here will be in learning not to take on more than your fair share. Giving of your self is a natural response, but you may need to learn when enough is enough.

Sometimes those born with the Moon in Pisces need to recognize boundaries, so that their generous and compassionate qualities are not taken advantage of. An unconscious manifestation of the urge to escape would be more literal. This is usually characterized by a person who seeks to escape from the demands of this world through addiction, drugs or alcohol, through becoming dependent on some kind of government or welfare system, or losing themselves by becoming the victim of someone or something.

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Sometimes those born with the Moon in Pisces unconsciously become sick, vulnerable or destitute. However the escape is experienced, there is often an underlying feeling of not being able to cope in the world. However it manifests, the urge to escape is almost always about seeking purification, restoration and release on an emotional level. Becoming conscious of underlying motives and needs will help greatly in understanding the complexities of such a sensitive emotional nature. Born with the Moon in Pisces, you are likely to have an innate need to find outlets for your acute sensitivity.

Moon Sign Compatibility: Here’s the Sign You Need to Date

You are likely to be drawn to the romantic, creative, compassionate, service-oriented or spiritual dimensions of life. Your natural ability to sense what is really going on is your best asset but possibly your greatest stumbling block.

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They are not very well matched. Although they are quite strong and not easily discouraged, if aspects are bad, facing the reality and negativities that are inevitable could break them. Pisceans are a bit clingy which will annoy the Capricorns at times. February 19, and my moon is in Pisces as well. This might make them appear as a tyrant in household. You both adore spending time admiring the nature, plants and animals.

By learning to respect your own nature, you see clearly the people and situations that will give you the respect that you deserve. Yours is a loving heart, looking for union with another. In Love you will discover your biggest reward, and the most worthy reason to sacrifice.