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It surpasses the Pentagram Star. The Star of David, like the Pentagram is an unstable configuration. It is like the spokes of a wheel without a rim, which would give a bumpy ride and be full of contradictions. Or it could be like a person stepping from piling to piling of a washed out pier. The person would always be concentrating on the next step and forgetting the previous one.

This could give the appearance of being absent-minded. Further, those people in the past would easily be forgotten along the way. Thus, the person might appear to be neglecting relationships or previous commitments. The six points of the star are in six signs, which further define the main issues of the person's life. The Star of David is a sign of great blessing. He would be the recipient of special grace. God would be looking out for him. And he would have great balance because of God's protection.

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It would be a good guess that Solomon had such a sign. Having said all this, just because a person has the Star of David does not mean the person would use his gifts. He would have talents and blessing available, but he might not be motivated to take advantage of them. Many of the blessings, however, would be unconditional and not related to personal volition at all. The Star of David with its six points corresponds to the Seraph with its six wings.

Seraphs are throne angels like Michael, Gabriel, and Satan. Because the person with the Star of David configuration is associated with such high-level company, he could be subject to more sophisticated attacks from Satan.

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Brilliant minds would likely have more problems with Satan than the inept. To be blunt, those with a Star of David would tend to be smart asses, while others would be like dumb asses. Smart asses would generally have many more problems than dumb asses. Miraculous and out of this world may be used to describe a person with a Star in the Birth Chart.

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The person will have influence over events like the Super Bowl, World Series, national championships, or wars. Look for correlations between the person and major events. However, the person with the Star may appear on the surface to be somewhat normal and not have any special talents.

The relationships of the person with the Star to world events is spiritual. They can be recognized by divine viewpoint. The Star is an unstable configuration. Think of it as the spokes of a wheel without a rim.

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The person with a Star will have a bumpy ride and be full of contradictions. Until that happens, the Lord Jesus Christ must be the symbolic husband. The five points of the star are in five signs, which further define the main issues of the person's life. Perfectly formed Stars are quite rare, but even imperfect Stars still have all the characteristics of a Star. Orbs of 7 or 8 degrees should be allowed. Even when one of the angles is off by up to 15 degrees, it is still a Star. When the Star is skewed, however, its power is diminished.

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So, as a rule of thumb, don't discount a Star too quickly just because some of the angles deviate from the allowed orb. When planets appear opposite each other, both ends must be brought into balance by the individual. Otherwise, the person would be fighting himself. So, the person with a Teeter-Totter in the Birth Chart could be pictured as the fulcrum in the center of the Teeter-Totter. The person would be symbolically standing straddle of the fulcrum with one foot on each side of the teeter-totter and trying to balance it.

The Birth Chart with the sign of the teeter-totter corresponds to the meaning of Revelation The person with a Teeter-Totter sees the issues of life from two sides. This is like the Double Loop fingerprint in handreading.

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The person will try to sit on the fence above the fray and play two sides against the middle. The person may try to balance the demands of each group or go back and forth. The Teeter-Totter may operate like Libra, the Scales, which serves to differentiate judge between two things or balance integrate or mediate them.

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Thus, the person may try to act as judge or referee on the one hand or mediator or facilitator on the other hand. However, even when judging, the person will still be seeking balance to overcome the injustice. The person may also just be a spectator of the two sides. The person with a Teeter-Totter is prone to problems. In the first place, dividing life into two camps is not always good.

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It may create conflict. Of course, the person with the Teeter-Totter is all too ready to deal with the the conflict. Since a house divided against itself cannot stand Matthew , the person with the Teeter-Totter will expend enormous amounts of energy trying to keep the house from falling. On the other hand, the person may be very good at a jobs that require dealing with two sides of issues.

For example, Stefi Graf, who has a Teeter-Totter, was one of the world's greatest tennis players. The other big problem with the Teeter-Totter is the sides that are bare. In the illustration that would be toward the top and bottom of the chart. The person with the Teeter-Totter would be geared for left-right action and would recognize the boundaries of legalism left and lawlessness right or temporal left and spiritual right.

However, the front to back orientation would be a blind spot, and the person would have problems there. Front symbolizes the public side, and back symbolizes the private side.

Front symbolizes personal love, and back symbolizes impersonal love. The person could have some strange aberrations dealing with personal and impersonal relationships. The presumption of using the same Teeter-Totter for relationships on other sides of the chart, would lead to some strange quirks, like illusions about privacy. The trumpets in Israel were made of silver, a symbol of judgment, and of rams' horns. As musical instruments, trumpets were used in the orchestra or band for celebration 1 Chron As a herald, trumpets were used as a signaling device in the camp and on the battlefield.

A pair of two silver trumpets blown by two priests were used by the Levites to signal the congregation of Israel for holy convocations, general assembly, war deployment, and armies in battle Nu Trumpets of rams' horns were blown to herald the judgment of Jericho Josh The army of Gideon blew trumpets to herald the judgment of the army of the Midianites and the Amalekites Judges In the Tribulation, Trumpets will herald seven judgments upon mankind Rev , 6.

A long blast of the trumpet was also used to herald the year of Jubilee Lev A human herald with a voice like a trumpet may also signal alarm by broadcasting a message Isa Thus, a Trumpet may also symbolize a human herald and broadcasting or announcing.

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The army of Gideon blew trumpets to herald the judgment of the army of the Midianites and the Amalekites Judges More From Business. Configurations are groupings of actual planets, of which there are ten, including the Sun and the Moon. Paul Prather. This story has been shared 42, times. It is also a technique carried out by chiropractors.

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