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However Gochar can be accurately known, butDasha is very sensitive to time of birth and cannot be accuratelyfixed. Secondly, there are too many kinds of known dasha systems andwe do not know for sure which dasha should be applied, when doubts onAyanamsa also takes away its authenticity. Further Dasha is normallydependent upon Moon degrees only and it ignores rest of the planets.

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Hencebasing the predictions on transits normally give better results,unless it has been checked that the dasha system is working properlyon the given horoscope. While we are studying both Dasha and Gochar, we can take dasha tospecify the event of transit to specify its strength.

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If both arefavourable or unfavourable then the event occurs with full force. IfDasha is good and transit bad or vice versa, then the results are notclear. Which system doyou like better, or do you use both together. I know of so manydifferent Dasha systems. Dear Atip, I concur with Visti on this. First comes Antar Dasa and then look at Transit. The transit cannot deny the full result of Antra dasa running it can alter it but not a lot. Say Antar dasa of Venus is running in Vimshottari dasa and Venus is strong and beneficial for a certain activity in a chart and one at the same time has Sade Sati running, it does not mean that transit effect can override the effects of Venus antra, it can modify it to a certain limit but cannot take precidence over the antra dasa.

Different dasas are for different things, but all dasas run in parallel. Hope that helps, Cheers!!! Maha Dasa will be felt throughout the dasa, hence first Maha..

Gochar in astrology what do the houses

I know your learning tells you to look for antaras, but there are many antaras, but only 9 mahas.. Hope that helps,Cheers!!!


Dear Visti, The topic in discussion was based on Antra vs Gochar. Yes ofcourse Mahadasa's karaktwata will be felt during the entire dasa that is primary.

Venus antra in Guru's mahadasa will not give the same result as Venus is say Rahu's antar dasa that is a given. Thinking on the same lines, the Desha Kaal patra even would dominate the Mahadasa. All factors have to be seen as we have brain stormed. My reference was only between Antra and Gochar.

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Transit or gochar is probably just as important as any other concept in astrology. Learn More . Originally Answered: How does gochar works in astrology?. The following are the Gochara/ transit results of the other planets. They are the general effects as given in the classical Vedic astrology Sastras. However, they.

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What are Transits & How You To Calculate Transit Chart?

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You can even take about 10 grains of the lentils and put them in a small earthen pot. All three of these indicators indicate foreigners. The Moon transited the 8th house from the 7th, giving the final draw, death could be triggered that day. Dasha lord will automatically guide you because transits are like a free ball with many directions to go and you can not be making vague interpretation out of it. The natal planets the transiting planet is making aspects to. Moon mother is with Ketu, indicator of loss. Now you have seen I have written 4 bindus quite a few time and want to tell you that for planet Saturn there is an exception where more then 3 ashtakvarga bindus is considered as good because the total ashtakvarga bindus contributed by Saturn is only 39 and is rare to see more than 5 bindus in a particular sign.

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7 Secrets of Transit Analysis

Discuss With Our Astrologers. Marriage Compatibility. So, at certain time intervals of different births, we come across different set of people, which are our entire soul group in which some stays for longer period others for shorter period. That all depends upon our karmic balance we are carrying with us. Read Post a comment.

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