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January 11, 1996

Memorial weekend is a considerate time to have a wedding because it gives both you and your guests time to enjoy the wedding! August 8, For centuries, the number 8 has been considered a lucky number in Chinese culture symbolizing prosperity and success! Plus the number 8 is in the shape of an infinity sign, symbolizing your forever bond with your love.

So get married on a double 8 day: Saturday, August 8th, and have double the luck on this special summer day!

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I am very glad that it is becoming more well known and shared more with the common public and possibly can make a better future for us all in time — sometimes people just need some guidance and reassurance that they are heading the right path. The mantra for the 3 Universal Year is to speak your truth. The number 3 numerology predicts a year of enthusiasm. Focus on: rest and rejuvenation, higher wisdom, learning and taking classes, introspection, slowing down, recognition, honor, spending time in nature, reading books, the unexpected, time alone. Thank you.

Follow Us. Best Wedding Dates for February 20, What a fun and quirky date? Ready to send out your save the dates? Must read today. It can also be said as the transition stage of a person.

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So much of importance is given for marriage, as a wrong wed-lock can become deadlock!. The marriage date is a crucial and important factor in determining ones marriage life. Best dates to get Married 1 and 9 are best dates in numerology to get married for persons born on any number. Note that the destiny number should be 1 or 9.

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Here the destiny number is 9 in numerology! Marriage dates again i mean the destiny number should never fall on 4,8 , or 5.

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In the world of numerology, 5 should be always avoided for marriage. May your love life be blessed and your marriage sacred and happy! We are planning to get married on 01 Dec Is that a good date or if not any suggestions?? Both dates are good as per numerology, but for marriage one has to consider many things, like ruling constellations on that day, and must see whether there is Kasara Yoga on that particular day.

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Kasara Yoga should not be there on that day. This can be seen by a astrologer comparing the horoscope of both persons. But if its a love marriage, then no need to see all this traditions. Hello Sir, I have a question about compound number 18 with relation to marriage. I have read that planning anything on 18 day is not good….

Yes, 18th is not good.

Vanakkam Sir. I planned to get married this year in August. Since both of us are 4, our Ideal number is 1 I believe as per you stated in this website. I heard the number 28 in overall is good but there will be some hicup. Pls advice. We are thinking of getting married on 15th or 16th July My birthdate is 18th November and his 23rd February We are limited with dates due to childrens work commitments!

We live in London. Many many thanksfor your views. Alexander and Caroline.

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You can use the simple calculator below to determine your Birth Date Number. Personality gives the meaning of the Birth Date Number when it’s a personal birthdate. You can use this calculator for your birth date and select “Personality” from the drop-down to get general traits. Numerology 11 Prediction – Trust Your Intuition. The numerology horoscope for number 11 predicts psychic development and accomplishment. If your personal numerology number is eleven in , then your life is bound to have some changes come into it.

I was born on June 29, and my fiance was born April 21, … please help me.. Even though its 8th, no need to worry about it, since you have made all arrangements i dont think its for u change the date, But marryin on 8th can some times lead to delays in financial status or child birth.

But not always. Thanks for the article.

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I had earlier sent in my info for a report, but unfortunately did not receive a reply. Time of Birth pm. Place : Orlando — Florida. Please can you send me a report, With the details I have provided. Thank you. Sir, hv sent a mail on ur gmail id, pls do reply, by mistake I wrote hotmail id earlier. My dob is Thus the destiny no comes to 5. We are facing a lot of problems in our life.

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Nothing happens easily. I am even facing problems in my job and am looking out for new job which again is not coming easily. Is this all because of our marriage date 5? If yes kindly tell us wat to do now. Please help, we are really desperate to reunite. I know just how your feeling and send you love.

Where in the world do you live? Hello sir, we have planned to get married on 21st april Is it suitable for our marriage… Reply me as soon as possible…. You have provided wrong birth date, you cant be born And april 21st is a good date to marry. Also want a Saturday.

Any suggestions? Is it a good date to marry? How will be my life with him. We want to get married summer We were thinking It will be my second and his first. My bday is and his is I want to get mariied his years asap. Please help. Hi, mail me with your birth details including place of birth, Ill give you the dates for marriage.

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I was born in San Fernando, ca on Please help me. Krishan, If its a general name change then i can give as i can spend the time required for it, but choosing a marriage date is a time consuming process, it takes hours to finalize a date. When it comes to marriage, its not the date but the time of marriage is very important factor which takes hours to finalize, i am afraid i cant do this one as a free service as it needs considerable man hour. If you wish i can do this for a paid service which will be satisfying for both you and me. We would like to get married in August or October , We have been together for over 16 years and would really appreciate it if you could give us a suggestion for a good wedding date.

Rosemary, If its a general name change then i can give as i can spend the time required for it, but choosing a marriage date is a time consuming process, it takes hours to finalize a date. Was June 3 a good date for us to have been married on? Hi My birthday is October 20, and his birthday is on October 7, Is this a good date for us? Hope to hear from you. We are planning to get married next year — 16th July — is this a good date for us?

Your forecast is based upon the PERSONAL YEAR you’re currently experiencing.

I was born on Please advise us is Can you help us find a perfect date to get married? My birth date is Feb. Thank you! We would like to marry in January Kindly suggest the best date. We value your suggestions. Her birthday is Oct. We are considering getting married What would the best date to get married based on our birthdays?

We are thinking of a date for November , December , or Jan What is the best number for us to marry is it a 9?