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February 21st Horoscope Pisces Zodiac Sign. February 24th Horoscope Pisces Zodiac Sign. February 27th Horoscope Pisces Zodiac Sign. Therefore, just keep using the same day sign dates as expressed by the Internet Mayan Calculator for those days, and simply convert the number. It would be in essence like counting those particular days twice in row. And if [it was] a girl, Xiuhnenetl, Xiuhcue, Xiuhcozol, etc.

Furthermore, it is also noted and well known that those born towards the end of the year upon one of the 5-Nemontemi also received the name of that particular ceremony as explained earlier above. This would also mean that when one sees the result of 5-Uayab on Mayan Calculators that it can also be disregarded — for the most part, since the 5-unlucky dates will differ per the Aztec Corrected Count which occur in February and the Mayan Slip Cycle, would occur every days.

Luan 2. Buluc 3. Lahca 4. Oxlaun 5. Hun 6. Caa 7. Can 9. Hoo Uac Uuc Uaxac Bolon 2.

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Luan 3. Buluc 4. Lahca 5. Oxlaun 6. Hun 7. While the source origin of the day period may be debatable, any effort to finally understand the inherent astrologic aspects of the day cycle must comply with the horizontal nature of the day circuit, as is displayed on the Aztec Sunstone, which is known to have laid flat on the ground with the sign of the Alligator Cipactli pointing east. In turn, the sign of Death Miquiztli , points to the north, and the Monkey or Ozomahtli points to the west, and then finally the sign of the Vulture, or Cozcacuahuatli points to the south.

The aspect of the two birds of the Eagle and the Vulture located in the Southern direction is also an indicator of the zenith, or midhaven, were various astral bodies such as the sun behave like birds to finally reach the apex of the skies around the times of noon and the afternoon. To the opposite direction, in the north where the two symbols of the Serpent and the Turtle-Death dualities are located, it can be seen where this area is to be understood as the nadir of the earth, or the midnight hour when the sun reaches that point.

For this matter, it should come to be understood that the day cycle is in actuality a directional compass of hourly time, just as surely as it had also become a measure for the daily passage of time as well. Recently, this author has refined and outlined a set of astrological correspondences within the day cycle, which blend evenly with the houses of the earth, and signs of the zodiac together in an extrapolated composition that can improve our knowledge and understanding of Mesoamerica's unique day time period. Within the midnight hours, just before the time of the spring equinox, appropriately just around the time of the Aztec New Year sometime around 12 a.

From out of this contraption of astrological correspondences, between the heavens and the day circuit, emerges the principle alignment that puts the Galactic Center of Sagittarius in an alignment with the first sign of the Cempoualli, being the Alligator. Ever since the promotion of the theory about the nature and meaning of the year and its alleged correlation to the Mayan calendar has been published, millions of people have become more and more aware about the Alligator constellation within the Milky Way, which combines with the Galactic Center to appear as a massive Alligator in the midst of the act of primeval consumption.

However, there are other stellar correspondences involved, and getting used to these multiple variations of astrological combinations in relation to the variability of stellar constellations is essential to the technique of all astrology, and including that which is specifically engendered by Mesoamerican timekeeping.

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The traditional rulerships of the day cycle are listed below, which have their incorporation with the 9- Lords of Night, and the Lords of Day, as is listed in the Tonalamatl. Alligator — Tonacatecuhtli: Lord of our Subsistence 2. Serpent — Chalchiuhtlique: Water Goddess 6. Rabbit — Mayahual: Maguey Goddess of Drunkenness 9. Dog — Mictlantecuhtli: Lord of the Land of the Dead Cipactli- Alligator: Prerogatives.

First House Sagittarius: Obsessed with their own personal autonomy, these people base their feelings of self-worth on an imagined ability to control and manage most all of the situations within the vicinity of their personal foundations. They use their maternal instinct to foster management ability, with the insistence of their personal territorial rights and freedoms, which if were truly justified should then also belong to everyone involved in their whereabouts.

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Many of these people need to be told when to let up on others due to their misinterpretation of personal power in shared territories. When they see some amount of change, or other kinds of affairs taking place that seem to be exceeding their control they can become reactive towards others while exploding into an authoritive tantrum. When their energy is focused without any perceived hindrances they can then center in on their work of maintaining the integrity of their material world as a symbol of their personal ability to control their outcome of their lifestyle.

Ehecatl- Wind: Expression. Their multifaceted interests allow them to relate to a wide and diverse group of people, insisting once again on the freeform pursuit of human interests, as life is seen by them as principally a human realm of interaction. For that matter, many of them may be fashion conscious in some way, and much given to the artistic decoration of the home to entertain friends and family in large social parties.

Some may be too attached to process of absorbing personal experience off of others as a form of enlightenment that is found within the learning process of sharing.

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Waiting for this kind of freeform enlightenment from others may challenge them to answer up to their own needs and responsibilities, and make a greater effort towards growth and educated personal transformations that can loan direction. Calli- House: Consolidated Effort. Second House Capricorn: The 3rd sign of House reacts to the former sign of Wind, with a practical solution towards personal action, which preserves the more useful elements of ideas and mental abilities, which in turn help them to concentrate their thoughts and desires into the blueprints and frameworks that will allow for personal power to be obtained in the hopes of becoming the community leaders who can reinforce balance and structure.

Like the image of a house or a large building, their presence is often large and imposing, which is also indicative of a somewhat secretive charisma surrounding them. Many of these types are aware of their personal power on this level, and seek to bring about their ultimate fulfillment through financial endeavors that will provide rank over others. Their subtle approach to human relationships is a part of their overall structured approach to life, which is designed to guarantee specific outcomes, and some may not deny being a little bit sly from time to time in order to get their way.

This subtle approach can amount to an isolated mental nature, which is surly to develop into a kind of mental rigidity that believes it is supposed to see the outcomes that have been expected. Naturally, this may lead into disappointments that demand a personal self-analysis and restructuring.

Despite an apparent obsession with the material world, their mental nature is nonetheless deep and thoughtful towards others when they are not so focused on their need for success. Cuetzpallin- Lizard: Exploration. Third House Aquarius: The 4th sign of the Lizard reacts to the former sign of House, with the solution of a more in-depth personal introspection, which allows the individual to exceed the boundaries of socially manufactured standards, with the liberal investigations that allow for unique considerations to more commonly held conclusions.

These are executed with personal goals and freedoms that explore both the mental and physical realms, which help in setting a standard that deviates from the status quo for others to follow as well. Sometimes these personal explorations may break ground in the mental arena, but traditionally the sign is noted for promiscuity so that sexual activity may be part of the goal of transformation. The Lizard tends to be a solitary animal, so that the human manifestation can exemplify an isolated nature, which in turn becomes the foundation for developing a unique mental nature of personalized awareness.

This kind of awareness becomes the promotion of a liberal stance toward personal goals of fulfillment in the world community. For that matter, they often can make their personal promotion in the realm of the performing arts, and considering this signs affiliation with the ancient art of dance, they may be found doing just that as a matter of their ecstatic fulfillment. They are very serious about the quality of their lives from a transformational perspective, and want to assure themselves the deep satisfaction of rare experiences that expand the consciousness.

Their main motive may be an education that serves on an enduring personal level of freedom and exploration. Coatl- Serpent: Survival Intent. Third House Aquarius: The 5th sign of Serpentreacts to the former sign of the Lizard by acquiring practical standards, which gear mental exploration and energy towards the more common place social goals, and the necessities that guarantee survival and longevity.