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Very young girls should not have that respon sibility. Instead they should be given an opportunity to grow up and enjoy being a child. Our black youths are being killed mentally. Drug,s alcohol, crime and teenage pregnancy are four diseases of our young people that we need to find a cure for right away. In doing so, we may find that the life we save may be that of t he black race. The telephone line is open to parents who want to help with their parenting attitudes and skills, as well an anyone want ing information about Parents Anonymous.

Parents Anonymous is an organization of self-help groups for parents. Started in Tony Brown 'sjournal presents "Mr Movie; an unique examination of Mkheaux and his most controversial films, complete with rare footage Watch this special retrospective and see for yourself why Micheaux's pictures made so much noise.

Tony Brown brings you the facts as only he can reveal them. Don t miss it. California in , P. Parent Anonymous groups exist in twenty-two communities in Florida, and serve an average of ten parents each with weekly meetings. Meetings provide non threatening forum for self help, as parents express their feelings about the pressures and problems of parenting, and receive advice and support from other parents and a pro fessional volunteer who serves -.

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More than anything, we need to build a life that feels meaningful to us. You are more focused on yourself and prone to explore your desires and all that pleasure has to offer you. The good news is that the worst of the astrology for this Mercury retrograde is over. Be very attentive and research more about the industry. You have great chances to meet your soulmate thanks to your friends, but in order for flirting to become something more, you need to be patient and considerate. In June, in love you need to be more self-sufficient and give your beloved people more freedom, then luck will be on your side. Appreciate what is leaving as making way for what is far more aligned with your present and future progress.

Parents Anonymous ser vices are free to the parents, including child care during meetings and transportation to the meetings when Continued r en ovated top floor of R ich's Department Store. A wide rang e of public and private organ izati ons and ind ividuals in the Atlanta community have chipped in to provide these youngsters with the sup port services, counseling, and just plain encouragement they need to make it through to graduation The efforts have paid off: out of last summer's graduating class of 24 young people, But first we -find out more about what our young people need to enable them to stay in school.

Then we need to pool our resources, as the Atlanta community has, to help them get their high school diplomas. Good Health? Good Luck?

Protec tion? Racism was rampant, but he used his movies as a weapon against social injustice! Kilbride Ins. See for your self. Don' t m iss it. PAGE 12 ; Pkg of 6 Check our address list below for location nearest you. Palm River Plaza.

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Palms-of Carrollwood. Tampa, y, 0 Jom Redman Pkwy Someone should fill in the difficult young children. I'll c Q. Find the sum. Belonging to it. Male persons. Organ of sight. Same as 7 across. Same as 31 across. Clot 1. Female deer or rabbit. Contraction of do not. Organ of smell.

Past tense of 31 across. Shut or near. Organ of hearing: Same as 11 across. Positive answer. Astro twins are the same as identical twins. True or False? Astromancy is another name for a for tune telling b palm reading c face reading d tea leaf reading. What is the mean distance of earth to the sun?


Name the first American celebrity in the field of Astrology. The year-old singer was admitted to the hospital late Sunday after complaining of shortness of breath, said Christine Torre, a spokeswoman for the hospital.

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Rock Me Tonight Freddie Jackson 2. Freeway Of Love Aretha Franklin 3.

Raspberry Beret Prince 5. Hang On A String Loose Ends 7. Take Me Home.. Lisa Lisa 9. Can You Help Me Jesse Johnson Your Love Is The collection of John Lennon-Paul McCartney tunes was acquired in London during the weekend by representatives of Jackson, who arranged the deal with ATV Music, according to Variety, the entertainment trade newspaper. Norman Winter, a spokesman for Jackson, would neither confirm nor deny the report and referred calls to the entertainer's at torney, John Branca. Branca's receptionist said the attorney was in a meeting' and would r eturn the call later.

Although the Beatles songs are the crown jewel of the ATV collection, the publishing concern has the rights to about 5, songs, including hits by Little Richard, the Pointer Sisters and The Pretenders. Psychic-Spiritualist Madame Ann Solves all life's problems. Answers all your questions.

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Madame Ann can and will help you! Results Where Others Have Failed. Dale Mabry I Blk. Of Hillsborough No. This event is being co. Ward Associates, and New City People. The actors and ac tresses displayed a deep understanding of the characters they portrayed, which allowed the audience to easily become involved in each one-act play.

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The photo is by David Burgess. ABC Cocktail Lounges in The performers had to be on Florida will have their annual their toes, ready to jump in or happy hour to benefit the fall in to be taken literally , in Muscular Dystrophy Associaorder to keep the scene movtion Wednesday, August 21st ing. Terry calls it 'a trampoline' '"J'or both actors and the director, because the play's content depends entirely on the resourcefulness of both. Both characters were convincing, until they Rupert was a cow whom Woman, at the age of 1 helped bring into the world.

At the age of 14, she saw him slaughtered at the market. For more information call It was truly a delight watching all performances. She played Marguerite, a worried mother who was concerned about the late hours her oldest son was keeping. Scratch that. Now Murphy wants to do a light comedy first. Said Murphy manager Bob Wachs in a phone inter view, "Eddie is considering a number of projects to do bet ween now and the January '86 start date" of Golden Child.

Is there a leading candidate? Mean while, Paramount is abuzz with reports that Miller is not going to direct Golden Child after all.

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The saga continues. PAGE 16 lr Don't expect much of other ly.

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The 25th will be expansive of business yours. Kin will people now; don't stir envy or and optimistic for whatever need your love and presence E-t jealousy. Discretion is needed you have on your mind to acon the 28th.