February 18 eclipse horoscope

Weekly Horoscope: July 15 - 21

Like they say, experience is the best teacher. The other fixed signs—Taurus April May 20 , Scorpio October November 21 , and Aquarius January February 18 —will be similarly affected by the eclipse, but not to the extent of the Leo. While Leo is a fixed sign that might not enjoy the effects of the eclipse so much, the mutable signs are likely to greet this time without any issues.

They understand the completion of cycles. They actually appreciate the value of a conclusion or an ending. The cardinal signs are somewhat similar to the mutable signs when it comes to an eclipse. While mutable signs like Virgo August September 22 and Gemini May June 20 appreciate the ending of the cycle, the cardinal signs look forward to the beginning of a new one. So they like creating a cycle, launching a cycle, beginning something new. These are the people who get energized at the thought of new beginnings and love to embark on new adventures.

Any one of these signs will likely enjoy a nice and sunny horoscope. No matter what sign you are, having a stable center is key. History, mythology, and investors in astrology all have a deep connection to the solar eclipse. Each has pulled his or her own meaning from the natural phenomenon. To Perrakis, there is absolutely nothing like an eclipse in terms of both the field of astronomy and personal matters. Some astrologers relate Pluto to a deep well of money, a great fortune—whether this is a net positive or negative is subjective.

You have a lot of big ideas about the person you want to be and the power you want to have as the full moon meets power planet Pluto, giving you the upper hand.

How The July 12222 Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Use your power for good, Cap. Pluto can be manipulative, jealous, or greedy—be grateful for everything that you have and understand the reasons you want more.

When it comes to Pluto, there never seems to be enough, but as soon as you stop pushing you own agenda so hard, things come easily. The full moon eclipse in Capricorn brings deep, hidden emotions to the surface.

The Astrological Month Ahead plus Aries Sun Sign Horoscopes

There is something stirring deep inside, but it can be hard to put your finger on without enough time and space to yourself. Take some time alone to listen to your thoughts and deepen your relationship with yourself. For Aquarius and Aquarius rising, the Cancer-Capricorn axis signifies your mind-body connection—as well as your work and volunteer gigs. The eclipses this year have been affecting your social life, Pisces, and there is a full moon eclipse on Tuesday that brings community drama to a head!

This eclipse is sitting on top of power planet Pluto, so secrets about someone in the scene can come up. Pluto is a master manipulator and Venus will be in cahoots with nebulous Neptune, so take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Steer clear of people who boss you around or make you feel small—stick up for yourself. When Venus faces off with Pluto, it can make power dynamics with your friends catty. You have feelings about this, of course, and receive flashes of emotional insight about what to do with all this power.

This eclipse is sitting with power planet Pluto, which gives you a wealth of authority. The planet of love and money, Venus, faces off with strict Saturn and Pluto, encouraging you to reevaluate the ways you structure your life to get more organized and find enough time to both relax and reach the top of the ladder. Mercury retrogrades into Cancer on Sunday, putting you in touch with your innermost thoughts. Eclipses bring flashes of insight, a glimpse into your destiny. As the full moon meets power planet Pluto, there are deep realizations about what you believe in and stand for, and how this will shape your life moving forward.

Your planetary ruler Venus faces off with strict Saturn the following day, making it hard to communicate everything that you feel. As Venus connects with mystical Neptune, socializing and partying can transport you to another whimsical world, so have fun and take your sense of humor with you. People are going through it and you can help lighten the mood with your caring attitude.

This full moon touches Pluto, a planet representative of a behavioral loop. Everything changes when the animated Leo Lunar Eclipse casts the spotlight on group dynamics in your 11th House of Friends. If people aren't encouraging you to shine brighter, it could be time to ask yourself if you're being genuine or just putting on a show to please everyone. Affable Venus and talkative Mercury team up to help you find a creative way to say what you mean without stirring up unnecessary drama.

Moderation hasn't crossed your mind because your brain is running on overdrive with a full plate of hearty ambition.

The boastful Leo Full Moon emphasizes your 10th House of Status, demanding the recognition you feel you deserve. You're willing to ruthlessly claw your way to your goals if that's what it takes. If you truly want to be respected for your achievements, speak your intentions softly, honor your commitments and make a daily concerted effort toward progress.

You're ready to throw yourself into your quest as the passionate Leo Lunar Eclipse burns in your 9th House of Vision. You can see yourself soaring above everyone else when you close your eyes, but a bird's eye view is only one way to look at the world. Spare some of your enthusiasm for the smaller details that will support your grand goals.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Your faith is unstoppable; you need to pack all the necessary provisions before rushing out the door to meet your dreams. You're all business on the outside, but the desire for deep connection is ignited within you. The loyal Leo Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse in your 8th House of Intimacy and you feel almost obsessive about strengthening the bonds of your closest relationships. If your search for affection is driven by a fear of not being loved, it's best to address these questions of self-worth honestly rather than ignoring the problem.

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July 15 – July 21, On Tuesday, the lunar eclipse in Capricorn may heighten sensitivity, . Aquarius (January 20 – February 18). moon of the summer: The July full moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn. ICYMI, we're currently in the middle of eclipse season. Jul. 2 brought us the new moon in Cancer alongside a total solar eclipse. 20 - Feb. 18).

Reconciliation within your heart leads to greater intimacy with the most significant people in your life. It seems like there's not enough space for one more ego in the room as the bombastic Leo Lunar Eclipse grandstands in your 7th House of Others.

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People may be putting on a show, expecting you to be the adoring audience, but you have your own opinions that you wish to make heard. Fortunately, a favorable aspect between charming Venus and chatty Mercury sweetens your words, allowing you to offer feedback without hurting anyone's feelings.

Mary Poppins advised, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. You want to do what's best for the greater good, but you're feeling left out, as if no one sees how devoted you are to doing what's right.