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In sun sign astrology, the placements of only those planets are taken in account, which affect the Sun. The description of a sun sign provides information about the basic personality traits of person who is born under that sign. Sun rules willpower and ego and the sun signs tell us about the uniqueness of an individual, who he is and what he is about to become.

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Cancer: daily, weekly and monthly horoscope for this zodiac sign☸. Find out everything about its personality traits, the Your Cancer Horoscope for November 8. Feb 8, Cancer Horoscope. A growing sense of confusion or ensure that this change can be positive and gradual. Trust that. Week Ending Feb 15,

In the following lines, we have provided the basic description of all the sun signs star signs , along with their symbols and meaning. There are twelve sun signs that make up the entire zodiac. All these signs have different personalities, different characteristics, different elements and different qualities. These differences mean that a particular sun sign becomes perfectly compatible with only a few other astrological signs.

In case of all the zodiac signs, the chances of compatibility are comparatively quite less.

Welcome to Aquarius season, dear Cancer!

Now, you must be thinking how to know which signs are you compatible with and which are completely opposite to your personality. In this section, we have provided information about the compatibility between different zodiac signs. The bond between them shall increase, and the relationship shall enter into a stage of more maturity.

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There is also a possibility of minor arguments or misunderstandings. Mental, as well as physical health, remains at its best. You shall try to accomplish all undertaken tasks with enthusiasm. The midweek may seem to get lethargic and devoid of positivity. You may also feel lazy and restless during this period. Salaried employees will come across new growth opportunities during the initial days of the week.

Your horoscope for February 8 to 14, 2018

Your overall performance at work will improve. You will be showered with praises for your efforts and diligence. The weekend might invite some misunderstandings with colleagues at work or superiors. This period is favourable for people in the business. They shall be presented with opportunities for expansion and growth. As far as relationships are concerned, the beginning of this week will be good. However, you and your partner may have differences between the 7th to the 9th of this week. Your health may support you during this time, but you may require taking additional care of your during the second half of this week.

You may suffer from fatigue if you indulge in a lot of physical activities. It is also advisable for you to take additional care of your diet. Employees may get new opportunities during the second half of this week.

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People in business may find this period ordinary at the, but with time they would feel hopeful. There are chances that you may introduce new methods to run your business. If you live away from home, the chances are that you will get to meet your family around the first few days of the week. This week will prove harmonious in terms of relationships. Given all the love and affection in relationships, the atmosphere will be very positive on the whole.

However, from the 3rd to the 8th, matters with your partner may have a negative impact. The two of you are likely to face misunderstandings are differences. On the health front, you are likely to be very fit and energetic. You will work on each task enthusiastically. You stand a strong chance of being promoted because of your potential and performance at work. Your seniors will also cooperate with you during this phase. For people in business, the beginning of the week will see moderate growth in their companies. However, the end of the week may be challenging.

You are advised to keep calm and deal with patience.

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EST and make time for relaxation until Sunday, as the Moon goes void-of-course. Cancer Horoscope Today: November 11, Some emotional and physical distance will help bring you back to center. Be especially careful near November 5, when combative Mars locks horns in a tense square with vengeful Pluto. They should be gentle with their speech, especially with their superiors. Go-getter Mars is in Libra and your domestic zone until November 19, a great time to really spruce your roost and make it into a revenue-generating heat zone. Salim Khan reacts to Ayodhya verdict.

On the personal front, things with your family will be great. Your love and dedication will be reciprocated.

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This week shall be a week full of emotional distress and uncertainties. Your indecisive nature shall not allow you to derive proper conclusions to pending matters. Meditation will help you overcome any negative feelings that are developing, and retain positivity during this period. Skin infections or other ailments are a possibility. Eating junk food might cause stomach disorders.

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A minor backache and slight vision disorders are also a possibility. Salaried employees are advised to retain humility at work. They should be gentle with their speech, especially with their superiors. A soft and gentle speech will help retain the amicable atmosphere at work. Family businesses or partnership ventures could be profitable.

Salaried employees are seen putting their maximum effort during this period. Fund flow that has been stuck since long will somehow be released. Marketing personnel will be benefited financially with their smooth and gentle speech. This week there are projections that both your enemies and diseases will be destroyed. There will be obstructions in your fate.

This is not a good time for people having extramarital affairs. You should take care of your relationships and make sure not to face the bitter side. On the health front, heart patients are advised to be very careful this week. Career-wise, it will be a productive week. There are chances of an increase in the workload by the end of the week.

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This is a good time for employees. You will get good support from your supervisors, and any past difference in opinions will be solved. The energy of the day is suited for creative pursuits and having fun with your loved ones. Your impulse to act first and calculate the pros and cons later is likely to cause a showdown. Personal relationship tend to suffer. Someone you work with may be withholding valuable info. Lucky colour: Brown. Pleasant news and a happy get together are the salient features of the year. Avoid signing a partnership deed between December 15 and February A comfortable year for authors, teachers and journalists.

There will be recreation during December. Property matters are bright.

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