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The noble and proud appearance of the person born in the Year of the Dragon impresses and creates envy and admiration in equal measure. The Wood Dragon is clever, curious, generous, and logical. He tends to lose his energy trying to find a logical meaning to everything. He is more diplomatic and less egocentric than his peers, but he is one of the few Dragons capable of hiding the reality of his domineering ambition behind the thick shell of scales. The Year of the Snake starts on January 29, and ends February 16, It takes over from the Year of the Wood Dragon that ends on January 29, Snake Birth Years: , , , , , , Lucky Colours: Green and Red.

Chinese Horoscope 12222 – Year of the Pig

The Snake is the sixth and one of the most elusive signs of the Chinese Zodiac. The people born in the Year of the Snake are analytical, serious, and endowed with a deep mind.

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The Snake is confident in his intuition and is likely to be generous, but only if he is served first. The Wood Snake is endowed with sound judgement and great wisdom. He is also perspicacious, lucid, discreet, and persevering. He is fiercely independent and enjoys having a steady and solid relationship with friends. His companions in return willingly forgive his vanity, which is one of the few defects that he has.

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The Wood Snake tends to blossom in calm environments that are sheltered from the noise of the world. He loves music, theatre, and art, but ensuring the security of his finances is always at the centre of his existence. The Wood Snake is gifted for speeches and is a born politician whose natural magnetism makes him attractive and sympathetic at first sight. The Year of the Horse starts on February 17, and ends on February 5, It takes over from the Year of the Wood Snake that ends on February 16, Horse Birth Years: , , , , , Element: Fire.

Lucky Colours: White and Red. The Horse is a native of the Chinese Zodiac and has a great sense of humour as well as a talent for self-mockery that he tends to lose with age.

Your Chinese horoscope for the Year of the Pig

While the Horse is a very loyal friend, his constant need for new adventures and experiences can be a source of discomfort for his companions that may be more sedentary. The Fire Horse is both charismatic and intelligent, but still find is hard to stay focussed when carrying out tasks he finds too repetitive and simple for his taste. He is overflowing with passion, enthusiastic, always charming, and sometimes even frivolous since he is gifted with an energetic flow of fire.

The Year of the Goat starts on February 6, and ends on January 25, It takes over from the Year of the Fire Horse that ends on February 5, Goat Birth Years: , , , , , , Lucky Colours: White and Blue.

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Chinese calendar of January, (Year of the Pig) with lunar dates, holidays, daily 廿一/ 廿二/ 廿三/ 廿四/ 廿五/ 廿六/ The lunar date of January 20, on Chinese calendar is Dec 26, Ji Hai Year. 2 . January 15, ___Chinese Calendar: Dec 21, Ji Hai Year___Chinese.

He is a friendly and charming person that never leaves anybody indifferent. He is able to retain his optimism and good humour only with the people he considers worthy of his esteem, but deep in his heart, he is often hesitant and anxious. The Fire Goat is not as timid as his peers. His projects are as lavish as is his tendency to spend. The Fire Goat is also creative and dynamic, but he is also capable of unleashing uncontrollable anger if he feels criticised unfairly. The Year of the Monkey starts on 26 January, and ends on February 12, It takes over from the Year of the Fire Goat that ends on January 25, Monkey Birth Years: , , , , , , Lucky Colours: Purple and Black.

The Monkey is a great speaker whose inquisitive mind is always alert and fresh. Despite his useful pragmatic side, he is also in a permanent state of agitation, the only way for him to enjoy life and feel alive every single day. The Earth Monkey is more discreet compared to his peers. He is usually a scholar and probably the most honest of his peers.

He is a born seducer and a great speaker who also takes great care of his appearance. The Earth Monkey might give the appearance of being either generous or disinterested, but the truth is that he never forgets about his personal endeavours. The Earth Monkey always ends up recouping his investment in one way or another. The Year of the Rooster starts on February 13, and ends on February 2, It takes over from the Year of the Earth Monkey that ends o February 12, Rooster Birth Years: , , , , , , , The Rooster is the 10th sign of the Chinese zodiac.

He has a radiant personality and is capable of fascinating or embarrassing, but never leaves anybody indifferent. He is quite thorough and has excellent management skills.

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Remember, never get frustrated over minor things as it may upset your luck. Physical health can be enhanced by good exercise and a healthy diet. They are in good health condition almost all year round. Aries, yours is an impatient astrological sign but slow it down a little. More importantly, it suggests that you have forged a new relationship with and understanding of money during To begin with, Saturn moves into your career zone in March, and then in late December Jupiter joins Saturn there. Late March brings signs of relief from the relationship pressure, as Venus is in trine aspect to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

He differs from his peers since he is disinterested in fashion. He is studious and precise in whatever he does. The Earth Rooster usually puts his exemplarity and eloquence at the service of noble causes, in humanitarian missions and education. Introducing George Tang. Comments are closed. White is connected to Metal. Therefore, is also called White Metal Rat Year. The first day of the Tiger month is the first day of the Chinese Astrology year.

This day is called the Start of Spring , which is the date when the sun enters the th degree on the tropical zodiac. This day is around February 4, each year. If a baby is born before February 4, , then baby's zodiac sign is the Pig, not Rat.

Coming Chinese New Year Days

The New moon time determines the new moon date. The new moon time is at on Saturday, January 25, , in China's time zone. The Chinese believe that the first king of China was the Yellow King he was not the first emperor of China. The Yellow King became king in B. Some web sites say the year is the th Chinese year. If you cannot find the explanation, here is a possible answer for you. The Yellow King's inauguration was held in the spring of B. But the calendar of Yellow King used the winter solstice day as the first day of the year.

The winter solstice was on around December 23rd, B. Today's January 1st means nothing to Yellow King. If we count that extra eight days in B. However, Chinese civilization is up to years.


The Dadiwan relics show the civilization of houses, palaces, cooking tools, color pottery, weapons, artifacts, and agriculture. Archaeologists doubt the I-Ching was invested there. Geng-Zi is the Chinese zodiac name of the Stem-Branch calendar for Each zodiac is labeled with the name of Yin-Yang Five Elements. Geng is Yang Metal. Zi is the Rat. Therefore, the name of is called Yang Metal Rat. Yin is female and Yang is male.

The color of Metal is White. The first Stem-Branch name is found in the document around B. The original stems and branches only use for counting the days.

Rat Luck Prediction by Month 12222

Using the season changing information, Chinese Yin Yang Five Element scholars converted all zodiac signs into five elements. The theory of Five Elements becomes the foundation of Chinese fortunetelling. Yang Metal is sword, steel, ax, big rock or big minerals. Yang Metal is male, hard, sharp, glittering and glaring iron. The characteristics of Yang Metal are brave, steadfast, unyielding and righteous.

The other traits of Yang Metal are heartless, flaunt, ruthless and tyrannical. Yang Metal is also connected to strong wind, storm or hurricane. It can bring rainwater with it. Yang Metal is the 7th element of 10 Heavenly Stems. The color of Yang Metal is white, silver, or light yellow. The location of Yang Metal is in the west. Rat is the first animal sign of 12 Earthly Branches.

The Rat is connected to placid water, cold water or rain. Water is related to wisdom and intelligence. So Rat is a clever, tricky, and tactical animal. The Rat has many ideas with a keen vision and can solve problems quickly. It is connected to knowledge, memory, and learning. The Rat has a strong memory in learning and remembers the previous life experiences. The Rat is brilliant, brainy with a sense of creativity.